Staff of St. Francis' Pet Hospital

St Francis Pet Hospital StaffJosh Dilmaghani, Practice Manager

Josh Dilmaghani joined the St. Francis Pet Hospital team in late August of 2017, and since has been working full time as our practice manager. Josh is responsible for hiring, training, operations, ensuring client and patient satisfaction, and organizing events and promotions. However, being able to help a person’s pet make a full recovery is what Josh considers the best part of his job.

“I enjoy working at the clinics because out team has an opportunity each day to help sick or hurt pets get healthy, or to make sure healthy pets stay healthy,” Josh declares. “Pets are family, so their owners take solace in the well-being of their animals. We provide that solace.”

At home, Josh likes to pass the time by playing basketball, reading, and the occasional Netflix series binge watching. He owns 2 dogs, a Beagle named Olive, and a Terrier named Percy, both of whom are girls. Josh enjoys taking them for walks several times a week around the 2-mile path around their neighborhood. Percy currently knows 9 tricks, and Olive is still mastering the process of “sit.”

St Francis Pet Hospital StaffTawni Harris, Bookkeeper and Receptionist

Tawni has been our full-time bookkeeper/receptionist at St. Francis’ Pet Hospital since October 2008. She has over 20 years of experience in the animal related field and has always loved getting to know the clients and their wonderful, loving pets.

When asked about some of her favorite things about our hospital, Tawni enjoys its “laid back, home-like feel.” She also loves Dr. Tom as a boss and her co-workers she gets to spend time with.

At home, Tawni has two dogs – Asha, who’s an Aussie mix, and Perkey, who’s a Bulldog mix. She also enjoys DIY yard work, home repair, and other creative activities.

David Shields, Product Inventory Manager/Veterinarian's Assistant

David is our full-time product inventory manager, as well as our veterinarian’s assistant, has been with working with St. Francis’ Pet Hospital since June 2015. Here, David is in charge of making sure the medical products are stocked for our clients, organizing and putting away the inventory, answers questions that clients have, and assists the doctors with surgery.

“I call St. Francis Pet Hospital home because the compassion for animals that is present in the staff and all of the extra care they put towards pets,” he says.

When David is home, he spends time with his domestic short hair cat Kenobi and tries to teach him tricks! He also enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and fire-spinning.

St Francis Pet Hospital StaffKylie Willman, Veterinary Assistant

Kylie Willman joined our team in April 2011. She is responsible for assisting our veterinarians during examinations and monitoring pets during surgical procedures. She has an Associate's of Applied Science from Harrison College.

She says: "We're a big family here. We all work great together."

Kylie has a dog, cat and several goats at home. In her free time she enjoys reading, fishing, being outdoors, spending time with her family and relaxing at home.

St Francis Pet Hospital StaffErin Spurlock, Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist

Erin Spurlock joined our team in September 2013. She is responsible for assisting the veterinarians and technicians, answering phones and providing customer service.

"I truly love my job at St. Francis' Pet Hospital," says Erin. "I enjoy helping clients with their questions and issues, and helping the technicians and veterinarians. I learn something new every day."

At home Erin has five dogs. She regularly volunteers with Luv-A-Dog Rescue, helping to find foster homes and raising money for the cause. In her free time she enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, bike riding, jet skiing, four wheeling and going to the lake.

St Francis Pet Hospital StaffMelissa Haehl, Receptionist

Melissa has been with us here at St. Francis’ Pet Hospital since 2011 as our team leader. She works with our clients on their account and invoices and assists our veterinary technicians. With her fun and upbeat attitude and sense of humor, Melissa brings a smile to all our faces. She loves interacting with clients and their pets, especially the cats.

“I love my team members,” Melissa says. “They’re like family. And of course, I love our clients and their pets.”

At home, Melissa spends time with her two cats, Symba and DC. She also enjoys gardening and spending time with her friends, family, and boyfriend.

St Francis Pet Hospital StaffRebecca Long, Receptionist and Team Leader

Rebecca is our full-time team leader at St. Francis’ Pet Hospital and has been with us since 2014. When she’s not helping our clients over the phone and scheduling appointments, she’s helping our vet techs and doctors during treatments. “Helping pets as well as helping clients understand their pets and their care” is one of Rebecca’s favorite things about working here.

When she’s not with us, Rebecca spends her free time sewing, cleaning, and playing with her dogs. Along with her two dogs, Layla and Myla, Rebecca also has three cats – Miyagi, Midget, and Lolli.

St Francis Pet Hospital StaffDawn, Receptionist

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St. Francis Pet Hospital StaffKendall Short, Veterinary Technician

Kendall has been part of our team here at St. Francis’ Pet Hospital since January 2015. As our veterinary technician, she provides surgical assistance, works with laboratory procedures, assists in client education, and helps with animal care and nursing. Kendall’s favorite part of being a veterinary technician is assisting with surgery and taking care of the pets. Her history of working with animals, along with her education in Applied Science, makes her a great fit here at our hospital.

“Everybody is very close and we all have good relationships with each other,” Kendall says. “We help a lot of people and there’s never a dull moment!”

When she’s home, Kendall spends time with her pets—2 dogs and 2 cats. She’s also a member of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America. In her free time, she likes to go running with her dogs, as well as kayaking/canoeing, hiking, swimming, and drawing.

St. Francis Pet Hospital StaffDanielle

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Bio coming soon


Bio coming soon

Debbie Curts, Team Leader

Debbie is our full-time team leader here at St. Francis’ Pet Hospital. With her 16 years of experience in the animal related field, Debbie brings a lot of comfort to our clients and their pets. She helps our veterinary technicians, works as the receptionist, and keeps the hospital running smoothly and efficiently.

“I have developed a great relationship with many clients over the last 12 years,” Debbie says. “Our area needs a good, reasonable clinic and St. Francis is it.”

Debbie has four dogs – Annie (a 9-year-old English Mastiff), Herman (a 5-year-old Miniature Dachshund), Sherman (a 4-year-old Miniature Dachshund), and Milo (a 2-year-old Teacup Yorkie). In her free time, Debbie loves gardening, crafting, camping, and spending a ton of time with her grandkids!

Tiffany Barnes, Veterinary Technician

Tiffany is our full-time registered veterinary technician, licensed in the state of Indiana, who’s been with St. Francis Pet Hospital since May 2015. Her education includes an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Science from the Vet Tech Institute. Her job responsibilities include surgical assisting, anesthetic monitoring, taking x-rays, drawing blood, and comforting any in-house patients.

“I love working for Doc Bob, he’s an excellent veterinarian, and Doc Jess is as well,” Tiffany says. “Mooresville has great clients, great staff, and adorable patients!”

Chelsea Spencer, Receptionist/Veterinay Technician Assistant

Chelsea is our part-time receptionist and veterinary technical assistant who’s been with our team since June 2014. She loves interacting with clients and their pets and some of her responsibilities including helping clients make appointments and helping our technicians and veterinarians.

“I love all the clients we have,” Chelsea says. “I like to interact with all the baby animals we see. Cats are my weakness! What makes it even better are my co-workers and the doctors.”

Chelsea loves to spend time with her cat, Shady, her dog, Grizzly, her rabbit, Lola, and her sugar glider, Tinsley. When she’s not showering them with love, she also enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.


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Breanna Owens, Veterinary Technician

Breanna is our full-time veterinary technician and has been with St. Francis Pet Hospital since November 2016. She has an associate degree in Applied Science from Veterinary Tech Institute at International Business College and is also a registered veterinary technician. Breanna takes care of any sick patients, assists veterinarians with surgery, and prepares medication.

“I love meeting all the new pets and people. I always try to be as upbeat and positive as I can,” Breanna says. “The workers and staff here are all so passionate and love what they do.”

At home, Breanna likes to hang out with Toby, her all-black boxer dog who’s about 6-7 years old. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her son.

Jamie Harris, Receptionist

Jamie has been with St. Francis’ Pet Hospital since June 2016 as our part-time receptionist. She works with our clients to schedule appointments, answers client questions with the help of our doctors, and assists the technicians and doctors with pets. One of her many favorite things about her job are all the sweet puppy kisses she gets when they walk in!

At home, Jamie spends her time with her English Setter named Atlas. Her hobbies include hiking, writing, and spending time with friends and family.

Kylie Coatney, Veterinary Technician

Kylie is our part-time veterinary technician and has been with us since 2011. Some of her responsibilities include performing bloodwork, x-rays, monitoring anesthesia, and more. “I love that we’re all one team and we work well together,” Kylie says when asked about her favorite part of working at St. Francis’ Pet Hospital.

At home, Kylie has two dogs, Yogi and Chance, and one cat named Pepper. When she’s not spending time with her pets, she loves being outdoors and spending time with her husband, daughter, and family.

Becki Williams Simpson, Receptionist

Becki joined our team in August of 2017 as our receptionist here at St. Francis’ Pet Hospital. She works with our clients and their pets to help schedule appointments, helps our techs and doctors with their pets in the exam room by helpfully answering any questions they have, and handles the important paperwork of each client.

She’s been working in the animal field since 1998, working alongside animals from dogs to horses. At home, Becki has a dog named Thor and several cats – Bart, Lilly Belle, Munchkin, Ollie, Honey Bear, Maxine, and Jodie.

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